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The Festival holds a competition for

best scenario   WEB - SERIES


If your script shot blows mind and needs to be continued,   like a B-52 shot - set it on fire!

At stake - shooting a pilot episode!


Applications are accepted from 1 Aug to 10 Sep 2020.

# What do you need to send?


The script of the pilot episode is not more than 10 minutes long. (Maximum 10 pages in standard script format).


# Priority genres


  • Comedy

  • Detective



A minimum of locations and a minimum of heroes.

Decide for yourself - what will we surprise you with? What is the trick in history?  

  • an amazing hero?

  • crazy circumstances?

  • enchanting gags?

  • cool scene?

  • an unusual scenario?

  • hasn't anyone talked about it or talked like that ? ..


A simple and understandable story - it can be retelled “in a nutshell”.

At least 3 turns in a series, or better - 10!

Catching immediately - the initial event in the 1st minute.



At least 3 and no more than 7 authors will reach the final.

The festival will feature a screenplay reading for the finalists.


The main prize is the filming of the pilot episode!




Frequently asked Questions:

Do I need to send a description of the entire series ("bible")?  

There is no such need.


Submission of an application is paid - for what do I pay 200 rubles?

For the work of the editor and reviewer. For each submitted application, each author included in the long-list will receive a professional review within a month.

The long list (20 to 40 scenarios) will be announced on September 11, 2020.


Will there be a shortlist for the competition?

No, it will not.

After the announcement of the long list - September 15, 2020, the finalists will be announced immediately.


How many applications can 1 author (author group) submit?



Under what conditions will the pilot episode be filmed? What will happen next?

By submitting an application for the competition, the author agrees that in case of victory, he will transfer the rights to the pilot episode to the organizers of the festival for its adaptation. Finalization of the script of the pilot episode, if necessary, takes place exclusively with the participation of the author, about which an agreement is concluded. The purpose of the adaptation is to promote the series on the online platforms of the festival's partners. The author has the exclusive right to write the continuation of the series, which is also immediately fixed in the contract before the adaptation. The royalties for writing the sequel to the series are determined by mutual agreement.


Will other authors be involved in writing the series?

If at some stage it will be expedient - only by mutual agreement with the author.


Can pilot episodes be filmed based on scripts from other finalists?

Such a possibility exists and is being considered by the organizers of the competition.

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